Connecting the dots

Digital Health has the potential to significantly improve population health globally but faces challenges in achieving scale. Leveraging on the international Geneva, and assisted by advanced data analytics and knowledge management tools, the gdhub aims at translating guidelines and policies into actionable insights, and to document and federate knowledge and stakeholders active in global digital health to connect the dots for effective coordination, governance, collaboration and ultimately impact.


Science-informed policy-making

Enabling science-based policy and decision making that facilitates the development of global policies and norms for responsible  digital health implementations based on advanced knowledge management approaches.


Country outreach: sustainable value creation

Advancing sustainable value creation through strengthened national and sub-national digital health ecosystems that embed global norms and best practices.

Capacity building, learning and collaboration

Fostering active learning and collaboration to improve institutional capacities and cooperation to support responsible digital health development and implementation and reduce fragmentation of efforts.

Implementome - Digital Health Registry

 The Implementome is a digital health registry and interconnected knowledge system enabling the user to navigate on multiple dimensions through metadata annotated projects, people, and information.


gdhub talk #6: with Mathieu Morand and Aferdita Bytyqi

gdhub talk #6: with Mathieu Morand and Aferdita Bytyqi

In this gdhub talk, speakers Mathieu Morand, Senior Manager Digital & Health Financing at the City Cancer Challenge Foundation, and  Aferdita Bytyqi, Senior Coordinator at the the Lancet & Financial Times Commission, spoke about the unique approaches of the...

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